Do's and Don'ts

  • To be truly successful, Clients MUST keep to their prescribed schedule of visits. Treating the hair in the early growth stage is much more effective for permanent eradication.
  • Benadryl taken the night before and the night immediately following your treatment will help to counteract any histaminic reaction you may have to the treatment process.
  • Ibuprofen taken 10-15 minutes before treatment will help to take the edge off the slight discomfort you may experience.  Liquigels tend to disolve and get into the blood streem more quickly.
  • Eating prior to treatment will also reduce discomfort. Many of our clients who come in hungry have told us it makes a world of difference.
  • Avoid salt and alcohol. Fast food, Chinese food, Mexican food, chips, ham and beer can make you retain water which in turn causes your follicles to become smaller and thus cause discomfort.
  • Hydrate internally! Drinking 8 – 10 glasses of water per day is a MUST! You must have water in your system before an appointment. A wet follicle is a much better conductor of the heat / current than a dry one. If you are dehydrated it will take much more intensity to eradicate the hair making the treatment more uncomfortable.
  • Clients should use a water based (not oil based) moisturizer day and night. The epidermis needs water to plump up skin cells, allowing a vehicle for the treatment. 
  • Daily use of sunscreen with a SPF of 25+ will lower the probability of hyper-pigmentation.
  • Shave the treatment area every week with a new razor.  Please prepare the area like it is getting prepped for surgery.  The skin needs to be soft and smooth after shavig so that you know each hair was clipped.  Please shave once a week, even if you don't see any hair.  Deeper into treatment, the hair are more fine and harder to see which make them much easier to miss.
  • If you wish, you may apply numbing agent 2 hours prior to treatment. Be sure your skin is clean and dry. Cover with Glade Press and Seal Saran Wrap, or plastic and tape down the edges so air will not deactivate the numbing agent. Apply another layer of the agent 1 hour prior to treatment. If you are applying on your face, please apply 2 hours before treatment and reapply every 30 minutes up to your treatment time.  The reapplication is key for the numbing agent to absorb all the way down to the bottom of the folicle.    
  • After treatment your skin will be red and your histaminic reaction will show. This is completely normal. A good histaminic reaction is six to eight hours. Most people experience less recovery time, but that is very individual. Baby your skin. We recommend warm compresses and antibiotic ointment after treatment. Discontinue using the antibiotic ointment the following day. Be sure to moisturize your skin in order to help it heal faster.
  • If you are having facial work done and you are wearing makeup, please wash your face prior to treatment. We will always clean your skin thoroughly before starting treatment.

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