All of my nerves were wiped away once I met with Valerie. She has the magic touch and the procedure was painless. I even dozed off once. The first two photos show almost four days of grow out in the places that have been a constant struggle for me. (to prepare for my visit) The last photo is an hour after procedure. I will be going to my third procedure soon. I look forward to the day that every hair is eliminated! After Valerie explained the growth cycles of hair, I now know it is not a one visit deal. But each visit eliminates more and I am looking forward to HTGT changing my life and this being behind me! ANONYMOUS in TX




Dr. Twila

Dr. Tory



Dr. Mike

I have a condition called PCOS (Poly-Cystic Ovary Syndrome) that leaves me with embarrassing facial hair.  Thanks to HTGT and their friendly/professional staff, I have been able to control my hair growth permanently.  Their office is always a comfortable environment and I am always pleased with my results.  I refer many of my friends to them.

T. Alcorn

Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow is an amazing place!!! The staff is amazing, the location is amazing and the results are amazing! I had NO questions but was given A MILLION answers prior to any treatment during my initial consultation (which, by the way, was FREE!!!) The staff are very knowledgeable and very concerned with my comfort and success. I so appreciate the reminders and assistance they provide, especially with understanding the importance of proper shaving and how to do it in order to improve my hairless success quicker so that I'll never have to shave again! Thank you SSOOOOOO much ladies! You're all wonderful...AND AMAZING!!!!! XOXO

Amanda Johnston, Happy Customer since December 2013

I have really thick hair, my eyebrows were always completely out of control and it's just annoying having to take the time to shave everyday! Hair Today Gone Tomorrow has helped me be more confident and has made my life so much easier! I would refer them to anyone. It's painless and completely worth it. Clean clinic and awesome staff!

Ashley Thompson



Sara and Melody have educated me on the power and permanence of electrolysis versus laser hair removal. Electrolysis is permanent whereas laser hair removal is not. The sessions for me are short and relatively painless. The best part is I am hair-free on the areas of my back where it needs to be. This instills confidence in me as an individual personally and professionally. When I am meeting with a prospect I need to feel confident and sure of myself when promoting my health and wellness science breakthrough!

Dr. Michel Longacre

This is a great group of ladies doing wonderful work. Having had electrolysis before and having a bit of challenge with the previous group, this was a breeze. Great up to date equipment, great location, and fun conversation. If you are looking for a touch up or some serious work done for hair removal, this is the place!

Steve Severance

I appreciate the flexibility and friendly attitude of the staff. Most of all, I love looking forward to leaving my appointment feeling confident and hair free!

Charlotte Joseph

I love the staff at HTGT, and I can't wait to go see them each week. I know I will leave looking and feeling so much better!

Jennifer Leenheer

I was really nervous about telling someone that I was growing hair on my face. The ladies at Hair Today Gone Tomorrow are very professional and made me feel very comfortable. Not only have they removed the hair on my face, I am now enjoying having no hair on my under arms! If you are looking for a place to get your unwanted hair removed, this is the place to do it.

Book Keeper

I had a wonderful experience with Sara last week and am looking forward to meeting Melody for my second appt. I waited years to try electrolysis and now I wish I wouldn't have. I know the process isn't a one visit fix, but at Hair Today Gone Tomorrow that's not a bad thing. Thanks for making the experience a good one!


Love getting rid of unwanted hair! Melody and Sara are great! Highly recommend either of them!

Yasmine Daugherty

Wonderful experience, friendly staff!

Wanda Barreras

I've been very pleased with the results at Hair Today Gone Tomorrow.


They have the newest equipment, which really minimizes the discomfort.


The staff is very knowledgable and knows how to make you feel at ease.


Making an appointment is easy and the atmosphere is relaxing. Valerie makes electrolysis practically painless. She makes sure you are totally comfortable, making what can be a scary first experience as relaxing as possible. I love having her work on my face.

Stevie Bays

I love this electrolysis place! They have the newest equipment, which really minimizes the discomfort. The diffusion of soothing essential oils contributes to the relaxing atmosphere too. And Valerie's the best! She works steadily and quickly but manages to make me feel so at home. Some days we're chatting away, and some days I find myself on the verge of falling asleep, I'm so comfortable. I love getting rid of hairs for good and having such an enjoyable experience while doing it!

Meredith Schroeder

I started seeing Valerie at Hair Today Gone Tomorrow location off Lemmon about 1 month ago and I have been extremely impressed. It is by far the best electrolysis place I have ever been to. I have tried 3-4 different electrolysis places in the Dallas area before this and they just do not compare! Valerie is professional, takes the extra time to explain the procedure and discuss your hair loss goals. She has the newest and latest equipment, which makes the procedure essentially pain free. Valerie is extremely flexible and makes all her appointments easy to schedule. She even sends appointment reminders! I highly recommend seeing Valerie if you are looking for a permanent hair removal solution. She is amazing!!

Caitlin Baran

I have been to both locations. It's such a clean and calm environment. The staff is very knowledgable and knows how to make you feel at ease. I would recommend their services to anyone looking for a reputable electrolysis esthetician in the DFW area!!

Kylie Berryman

I have been to both locations and utilized Valerie Jackson at both. I can tell you her and Sarah will do everything they can to make your experience first class and like being with family! The clinical lights also have IPads so you can watch netflix or the like while one of the girls works on you. Quit thinking about it Call Valerie today you won’t regret it!!! I can’t thank you girls enough for helping me get rid of unwanted hair and look my best.

Kim Smith

I was super nervous about Electrolysis, especially the pain during treatment. Valarie made me feel very comfortable with the process of hair removal thru Electrolysis, and what to expect afterwards. Then when treatment started I hardly noticed she was there! Can't wait to go back :)

Lisa Laws

I love going to Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow and I personally didn't think I needed this service until I shared that I plucked my hairs I did not want and found out what happens and why every year there are so many more. So now I will never have to pluck again!!! The girls are wonderful and treat you like a queen!!

Sandy Luedke

Love this place! Valerie is really nice and makes you feel super comfortable the whole time. She gives an in depth explanation of the whole process before you start and really lets you know what will happen. Highly recommend going to Valerie if you are looking to start electrolysis.

Anne Stanard

Absolutely the best place to get electrolysis done the method is painless and the amount of work done in one hour is amazing. Also one cannot beat the price and will always be a client of Hair Today Gone Tomorrow.

Amber puga

Sara and her team are amazing! Very little discomfort, great atmosphere, and very professional. I would recommend it to everyone. 5 Star.

Tory Schoonmaker

Loved the experience! I noticed a big difference after the first visit and it didn't hurt like I thought it would. I'm always nervous to pay by hour but Sara was so fast and efficient I know that I definitely got my money's worth. Thank you for also making me feel at ease. You gave me the confidence to talk to some friends about electrolysis and I told them that Hair Today Gone Tomorrow is the place to go!


I wasn't sure what to expect, when I made my appointment. I soon found that Melody Balkon was a dedicated and caring professional. Electrolysis is a somewhat invasive process. Practitioners must get into your personal space and be hands-on when evaluating and treating their clients. Melody immediately put me at ease. A matter of fact, she had such a good bedside manner that the appointment wasn't traumatic at all. I would recommend her to anyone who needs this type of service.

Good H

The services provided at Hair Today Gone Tomorrow are as good as it gets! The technicians are very skilled, professional and friendly...I felt comfortable and at easy during my treatment process. The facility is clean and easy to find. The cost is very reasonable. I previously went to a well-known big name chain for laser hair removal. I came to Hair Today Gone Tomorrow for electrolysis to remove remaining hair that either grew back or was never removed during the laser process. Electrolysis was less painful than what I experienced during the laser process. I would recommend the services at Hair Today Gone Tomorrow.

Jacqueta B.

Thank you for scheduling me last minute! I normally have appts at Hair Today Gone Tomorrow in Flower Mound, but was in the Dallas area during my normally scheduled time. The staff was just as accommodating and professional and made me feel just as welcome! Both locations have beautiful facilities and equally fantastic staff. Thanks again

Ray B

Valerie is amazing at what she does. I've had 2 sessions with her and she is very professional and thorough. I was previously going to E3000 in Lewisville and besides this location being much closer to my residence, I don't have to wait a month to schedule a session with her. She is very flexible in days and times she can perform a treatment and is very understanding when I have to make schedule changes due to work and kids and life in general. Plus, my face does not end up as swollen and red after the treatment compared to when I used to go to E3000. It would take days for the redness and swelling to subside. Not so long with HTGTE. I have recommended Valerie to other friends and some have already started seeing her. I highly recommend her and the establishment for your electrolysis needs!


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