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Hair Today Gone Tomorrow electrolysis

Hair Today Gone Tomorrow - Customer testimonials
  • I have really thick hair, my eyebrows were always completely out of control and it's just annoying having to take the time to shave everyday! Hair Today Gone Tomorrow has helped me be more confident and has made my life so much easier! I would refer them to anyone. It's painless and completely worth it. Clean clinic and awesome staff!

    - Ashley Thompson

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  • I have a condition called PCOS (Poly-Cystic Ovary Syndrome) that leaves me with embarrassing facial hair.  Thanks to HTGT and their friendly/professional staff, I have been able to control my hair growth permanently.  Their office is always a comfortable environment and I am always pleased with my results.  I refer many of my friends to them.

    - T. Alcorn

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  • Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow is an amazing place!!! The staff is amazing, the location is amazing and the results are amazing! I had NO questions but was given A MILLION answers prior to any treatment during my initial consultation (which, by the way, was FREE!!!) The staff are very knowledgeable and very concerned with my comfort and success. I so appreciate the reminders and assistance they provide, especially with understanding the importance of proper shaving and how to do it in order to improve my hairless success quicker so that I'll never have to shave again! Thank you SSOOOOOO much ladies! You're all wonderful...AND AMAZING!!!!! XOXO


    - Amanda Johnston, Happy Customer since December 2013

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  • Sara and Melody have educated me on the power and permanence of electrolysis versus laser hair removal. Electrolysis is permanent whereas laser hair removal is not. The sessions for me are short and relatively painless. The best part is I am hair-free on the areas of my back where it needs to be. This instills confidence in me as an individual personally and professionally. When I am meeting with a prospect I need to feel confident and sure of myself when promoting my health and wellness science breakthrough!

    - Dr. Michel Longacre

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  • This is a great group of ladies doing wonderful work. Having had electrolysis before and having a bit of challenge with the previous group, this was a breeze. Great up to date equipment, great location, and fun conversation. If you are looking for a touch up or some serious work done for hair removal, this is the place!

    - Steve Severance

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  • I appreciate the flexibility and friendly attitude of the staff. Most of all, I love looking forward to leaving my appointment feeling confident and hair free!

    - Charlotte Joseph

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What is the cost of shaving over a lifetime? 

Leg Shaving with reusable razors over 37 years...

  • New razor handle per year = $10 --> $10 x 37 years of shaving = $370
  • 1 box of 8 replacement blades = $22 -->1 blade a week = 52 blades a year = $132 -->$132 x 37 years of shaving = $4,884.00
  • $3 per can of shaving cream x 12 months = $36 --> $36 per year for shaving cream x 37 years = $1332
  • $4 per year for band aids x 37 years = $148
  • $10 per year for antibacterial cream x 37 years = $370

Approximate Total Cost of shaving over a 37 year period = $7104

Personally, I would much rather spend that time and money on vacation in the Caribbean instead of in my shower, shaving.

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